Booty Diaries: Bodyweight and Pumpers for the Booty

You’re mistaken if you think heavy weighted deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusters are the only type of exercises to work the glutes, because they’re not; bodyweight can do just as mush growth. I bet you’re not thinking, sorry to be blunt, about the anatomy or activation of the gluteus area, and if you think bodyweight exercises will not grow the gluteus, or any other muscle for that matter, I would start thinking differently. In my professional opinion, I would start incorporating these exercises throughout the week.

According to a study done by Bret Contreras and other researchers, there is a neat little graph called the SRA Curve. The SRA Curve stands for the Stimulus, Recovery, and Adaptation Curve and explains how frequency, activation, and muscle growth are related. I will go over this in another blog post, but what I do what to bring up are the types of categories for the glute exercises we will be covering throughout this series. There are the stretchers, activators, and pumpers. The exercises show below in this blog post are known as pumpers because you can do them for a high amount of reps before fatigue sets in.

High-rep sets of pumpers often lead to a muscle pump due to the occlusion of veins via constant tension on the muscles and a serious burning sensation in the muscle due to a build-up of certain metabolites

(Schoenfeld & Contreras, 2014).

With pumper exercises you only need 1 to 2 days of recovery, whereas heavy deadlifts take 4 to 5 days of recovery and if done too much can hurt your performance and growth. Therefore, supplementing your heavy lifts with pumpers can heighten your performance and growth development can increase significantly.

Bret recommends, “I wouldn’t advise the people who respond best to high-frequency training to do Pumpers year-round. That’s like keeping the amount of workers the same, but asking them to build and maintain even more muscle mass, without any time off. The workers will burn out.” (Contreras, 2014).

Therefore, incorporating bodyweight exercises can help you out with booty growth when added into current training. With that said, here are a few of my favorite exercises to pump your booty up 🙂

Bodyweight Booty Kicking Exercises

Lying Leg Lifts


Donkey Kicks

Glute Bridge

Single Leg Bridge Lifts

Frog Pumps

Bodyweight fort the booty

To make these exercises a little more difficult add resistance bands and pause at the top; these exercises are guarenteed to activate the glute muscles and provide you with a long lasting burn; Oh and remember to squeeze  Enjoy!

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