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Heidi Verner use to be my boss lady in the group fitness world. She’s a freaking power house blonde that is shy in person, but a spit ball during a group fitness class. She may be the BEST group fitness instructor I have ever met! Her energy is out of this world and her clients absolutely love her with all their hearts. I look to her as a role model and wanted to share her story to inspire others to do what they love, because if you want it bad enough it will come just like it did for Heidi.

I recently sat down with Heidi and asked her for this interview and she said yes!! I hope you guys enjoy the passion, hardwork, and advice this amazing women speaks!

When Your Passion Becomes Your Career

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Sure! My name is Heidi and I have been in the fitness industry for close to 20 years now. I have been personal training for 13 years, but group fitness is my passion and I teach pretty much every format you can think of besides spin.

How did you get involved in fitness? 

Well, I was using exercises videos at home, trying new fitness trends, and evolving my own workouts that I knew I loved fitness, but never really thought of it as a career until college. It started when a friend of mine saw a posting on a college job board and he thought it would be the perfect part time job for me because I took a TON of fitness classes at the YMCA. If I wasn’t at school, I was in the gym. I applied for the job and  shadowed an instructor who took me under her wing, which started that spark that I had been missing. However, reality set in and after college I quit to work at Starbucks for awhile until I realized how unhappy I was with this career path. So, I decided to take action and enrolled at San Diego Mesa College to get my Fitness Specialist Certification and then completed an internship with FIT X Fitness in San Diego, which was an amazing experience and I learned a lot about the business. When I was offered a job with Fit X, after the internship, I started teaching classes and the rest is history!  

What are your fitness goals? 

My fitness goals for myself are to continue to challenge my body and try new forms of exercises. I want to keep my body challenged and to build more lean body mass in the future. I think heavy lifting is something I would be interested in since I have never really tried that and I would like have an online program for my clients.

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career? 

That’s a tough one but probably teaching 9 class, having 6 clients a week, and traveling around San Diego and Orange County for Fit X Fitness while keep myself accountable, and taking care of my husband, dog, and new house! I have realized it’s all about balance and mindset.

Did you find it hard to “make” it in the fitness industry?

It was hard to “make” it at first because I was taking on everything and hurting my body in the process. My first 4 years in the business I was trying to be full time, so I would teach classes from 5am to 12pm and then have like an hour break and teach again from 2pm until maybe 9pm, which was tough on my body. I was not sleeping, I was stressed, and I felt myself going down a dangerous path, which probably wasn’t the best decision for me health wise, but I wanted to make fitness my job as well as my passion, so I just did it. “Making” it did take a lot of work and a lot of time, it’s one of those things you have to stick with and work those crazy hours by learning to take a split shift. It’s about sacrifice and I don’t regret it.

 If you could change one thing in the health and fitness industry, what would it be and why?

I would change the thought that in order to workout or get a good workout in you need to do it for an hour or more and that’s not the case. You can get a good one in 20 minutes! It’s best to think more quality not quantity.

 What is your advice for aspiring fitness instructors and personal trainers?

To continue to be motivated, constantly take classes, get out there and go to small group trainings, keep up on current trends and training, and don’t be afraid to be thoughtful and mindful when taking in opportunities, however, don’t feel like you have to take every thing on in the beginning. Make sure to listen to your body and remember it does take time to build your business it doesn’t happen overnight.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully do the same thing I am right now! I want to continue to teach classes, train, and continue to work with the current company I am with now.

 What is your favorite exercise?

I like to have a mixture of different exercises but I also like time efficient training such as HIIT training, but on the other hand I need to be centered so I also cling to Power Yoga. 

 What is your favorite format to teach?

Currently, Turbo Kick. I have been doing it since 2005 and the energy still makes me crave it. I add my own Heidi spice 😉 

 How do you want a patron to leave your class.

I want them to leave feeling better then when they walked in, successful, good about themselves, and know exercise is so amazing for their mind and body. I also hope they will want to come back and do it all again! 

My favorite Recent new training certification?

MetaFit.  It’s HIIT training that incorporates 8 moves for a 20 to 30 minute training session. Definitely check it out! 

Where can we find you?

You can find me at a few Fit X Fitness locations, my Beachbody Site, and I have website that is currently under construction! 

Reinvent Series | Passion to Career

Make sure when you call Fit X Fitness to find her you ask them to send you her HeidiFit DVD! It’s an amazing collection of workouts!





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