Booty Diaries Post 7: What is Cellulite and How Do I Get Rid of It?!

UGH! Can we start by saying….how annoying cellulite is! I mean come on! Women have periods, breast tenderness, babies, and the ability to show off our cellulite more then men….wtf.

Cellulite…You’re a B*tch! K Bye!

I will never forget that horrible picture of Misha Barton and her cellulite on a private balcony, and that hate she received. I hate that our world is so focused on bodies, but what can we do? I am not one to like cellulite either, but it’s not the end of the world and there is science behind it.

Cellulite is a condition that affects 90% of women and only 10% of men (Harmone, 2009). As you get older women’s estrogen starts to decrease which results in loss of blood circulation to particular areas, and with that loss our collagen production diminished we are able to see more through our skin. The bumps you see are fat. If you didn’t hate life now…wait for it….we have three areas of fat in our hips, butts, and stomachs.

So how can we get rid of cellulite?

Here is the honest answer: you cannot get rid of all of it, but you can diminish its appearance.


Proper nutrition, physical activity, and getting off your booty is a start to the process, but keeping that routine up will help keep it that way FOREVER.

  1. Nutrition Girl. Nutrition is Life. Nutrition is Amazing. Nutrition can do so many beneficial things like reve your metabolism which in turn burns fat. The higher the BMR you have the more fat you will burn. There are foods to help quicken your metabolism, but keep in mind they’re not miracle workers. Foods such as grapefruits, lemons, ginger, cayenne pepper, and protein have thermogenic effects on the body, but eating a variety of colors will also help the diminish of cellulite especially if it’s for a long period of time…not just three days #nofaddiet.
  2. Lift your Weights. Increasing your weight lifting sessions are key to pushing that fat out of the way so that muscle can become dominant. Weight lifting also burns calories all day as well! #science
  3. HIIT It! Cardio is great when done in moderation, but HIIT is where it is at. High Intensity Interval Training is a fat killer and a time cruncher. Let’s see calorie scorcher in a small amount of time? I’ll take it!
  4. Be Consistent. Be consistent for a long period of time because nothing happens overnight. Eat right, train insane, and foam rolling are the keys to reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How To Get Rid of Cellulite

Sure, you can pay a good 1,000 dollars to make life easier, but it’s just going to ware off and come back. I don’t necessarily think adopting a healthy lifestyle is a bad thing…am I right? I’ve tried creams and such, but nothing has changed my cellulite areas like lifting and proper nutrition has, and I 100% know that’s the reason.

This isn’t an earth shattering blog post, it’s just not an excuse or an easy way out…so accept that.




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