Tone It Up Bikini Series 8 Week Journey | Finding My Inner Mermaid

Wow, it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? I have been consumed with so many things in my personal life that unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat, but for good reasons. I have so much to tell you guys, but where to start? Hmm… the Bikini Series.

What about the title? The Bikini Series

Okay, so, here’s the new series: Finding My Inner Mermaid

You’re probably thinking like really, Erica? But, hear me out! Drew, aka the boyfriend, surprised me with an epic birthday present! Are you ready? A trip to Turks and Caicos!!!! I am so excited for this adventure that I can hardly wait to take off and land on the tropical, sandy, white beaches of the islands. I am on cloud9 right now, but then reality sunk in. I need to look amazing on this trip because what girl doesn’t want their life documented for years to come, right? Well, fate called and literally the day after the trip was booked the Tone It Up girls announced the 2017 Bikini Series and now I have a reason to want to feel like a mermaid.

What’s the Bikini Series?

Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up have been my fitness role models since 2011 when I saw them on Pinterest. I was immediately stunned by their amazing bodies, wonderful personalities, and their beachy vibe that I forked out the one time fee of $150 dollars and joined the team. Between 2011 and 2013 I was obsessed with everything Tone It Up and they helped me through my personal fitness journey, but I never shared it. I stopped focusing on Tone It Up for a while and did other things, but always watched their new videos, ate some of their delicious recipies, and applauded all the Bikini Series winners, but I never fully participated myself until now.

The Bikini Series is an 8 week long nutrition and fitness plan designed to get you ready for your summer bikini. It’s equipped with recipes, nutritional guides, workouts, cardio recommendations, and a community for free. If you want more recipes then all you have to do is join the program for $150 or so dollars, but the actual series is FREE. There are so many success stories from the program that you know this equation works.

Why Did I Decide to Do This?

Tone It Up Bikini Series 8 Week Journey | Finding My Inner Mermaid

Honestly, my BFF Jasmine texted me and said, “You follow the TIU girls right? Would you want to do the Bikini Series with me?”. I have never in my life had a friend follow any type of nutritional/fitness program with me so I was more then excited to say, “YES!”. Luckily, Drew booked the trip the day before, so I am super motivated to get in tip top shape for the vacation in June and have a partner to do it with.

Timing is Perfect!

The timing for this program is perfect! The girls have set the start date for April 24th which means the 8 weeks will end June 12th, that is the day we leave for the islands. This is perfect!

I am so excited to find my inner mermaid. I will be sharing my schedule, my favorite workouts, recipes, and my thoughts/feelings throughout the whole journey. I have never done the series the whole way through, so I am super excited to make these 8 weeks mine. Follow me on Instagram @ericacarlyn for daily check ins!

Oh and Happy Easter everyone!


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