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Tone It Up Bikini Series 8 Week Journey | Finding My Inner Mermaid

Wow, it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? I have been consumed with so many things…

Passion to Career with Group Fitness Superstar Heidi Verner | Reinvent Series

Heidi Verner use to be my boss lady in the group fitness world. She’s a freaking power house…

Directional Terms to Know Just In Case Your Trainer Doesn’t Translate

Have you ever walked into a training session and your trainer says this, “Alright, now we are going to…

Booty Diaries: WTF Mom and Our Genetics!

If you know me at all you know that my mom, sister, and I have zero booty. That’s right…

The 50 Minute Training Session that Will Rock Your World

Welcome to the workout that will ROCK YOUR WORLD! I am telling you you’re going to hit every…

The EPIC Bowl: Taste the Rainbow and Other Wonderful Things

I have a confession. I am addicted to bowls. 🙂 Food bowls that is! Seriously, right now there is nothing more…

Time is a Ticking: What’s the Best Time to Workout

I get this question a lot as a wellness coach and personal trainer, which is fantastic because if you’re…

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